Arti grafiche M&G Pirovano

For over 90 years, the value of craftsmanship,
combined with industrial efficiency, has been the driving force behind our business.

Our 8000 m² headquarters just outside Milan and a team of more than 30 professionals are available to customers for the development, printing and production of projects for both the Italian and foreign markets.
Arti grafiche M&G Pirovano, in a single production site, has the resources, departments and machinery to offer services of:
  • Design – Rendering – Prototyping
  • Graphic layout – Pre-press
  • Offset printing up to 120 x 160
  • Digital printing up to 300 x 200 format
  • Die cutting – assembling – filling
  • POS material manufacturing
  • Binding – Finishing – Ennobling
  • Warehouse – Logistics – Transport
  • Point of sale fittings
The use of energy exclusively from renewable sources and the great attention to sustainability issues included in a synergistic business context of discussion and dialogue, are the foundations of our production strategy.

“Never approve a work
if you are not satisfied with it”

This is the philosophy that still characterises Arti Grafiche M&G Pirovano today, more than 90 years after it was founded: a deep-rooted craftsman’s mentality handed down through four generations, embedded in efficient industrialisation.

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